Anderson HS Masterclasses 2019

Many thanks to the Anderson High School band directors for inviting me to teach 2 weeks of daily masterclasses to their trumpet section (10 total!). And a HUGE thank you to the students for their attention, questions, and enthusiasm!

We covered a massive amount of material, which is summarized below with a link to all handouts passed out during the 2 weeks.


Warmups (beautiful and relaxed sound)

  • Leadpipe exercises
  • Buzzing play-a-long videos
  • Cichowicz
  • Tone development exercises: dynamic long tones, bending, pedals


  • Clarke #2
  • Arban interval exercise
  • Attack/Entrance exercise with metronome
  • Lip Slurs/Flexibility Loops
  • Single/Double/Triple tongue exercises
  • Cross training: be creative to expand results of any exercise


  • Progression of 4 etudes from middle school to high school level (Hero’s Return, Coronation, 101, Olympus)
  • 2019 All-State etudes
  • 2019 All-State Jazz etudes and improv


  • Oil before valves are stuck
  • Clean mouthpiece weekly (2 seconds)
  • Clean leadpipe monthly (10 seconds)
  • Disassemble and clean entire trumpet twice annually


  • Mouthpiece parts/function
  • Upgrading trumpet
  • Consult lesson teacher/band director before buying new equipment
  • Trumpet mute demos: straight, cup, harmon, plunger, solotone
  • Trumpet demos: Bb, C, piccolo, flugelhorn


  • Setting goals: long-term and short-term
  • Successful section-building
  • Inspiration from videos and live performances

Etude Practice Tips

  • Play musically! Add lyrics or a storyline to inspire creativity
  • Consult recordings of etudes and pieces that are similar
  • Record yourself frequently
  • Develop range and techniques outside of etude
  • Find other pieces that address similar concepts to keep practicing fresh (ex: Pictures at an Exhibition)
  • Tone first!
  • Fully address weaknesses in your playing

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