Trumpet Inspiration 14

Today’s featured trumpet player is Roy Hargrove, who unfortunately passed away recently at the age of 49. He was unquestionably one of the greatest jazz trumpet players of this generation and an undeniable influence on so many other artists.

His soulfulness, tone, and versatility put him on another level. Check out some of these albums to start to comprehend the scope of his playing:

  • Diamond in the Rough (1990) – straight ahead bop-influenced jazz
  • Habana (1997) – collaboration with Cuban musicians
  • Directions in Music (2001) – modern post-bop jazz with some of the heaviest players in history
  • RH Factor Hard Groove (2003) – hip-hop fusion

The video below is one of my favorite and most grooving Roy Hargrove videos featuring his composition Strasbourg St. Denis.

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