First Jazz Improv Video!

I’m excited to release my first (of hopefully many) videos on jazz improvisation. I’ll keep an archive of all jazz improv videos here, as well as on the Trumpet Tips menu at the bottom of the website.

This first video explains how to approach improvising over the 12-bar Bb Blues progression from the perspective of the beginning improviser. Many of my students are working on this for their All-Region Jazz audition.

The main point I’m hoping this video communicates: You don’t need a ton of improvising experience or a vast amount of jazz chord knowledge to create a nice solo over this progression. My last solo at the end of the video (12:00) uses only the simple concepts I’ve explained in the video.

If you’re preparing for a jazz audition, please practice the improvisation! Most students are diligent about preparing the etudes, but many overlook the improvisation or are too intimidated to work on it. Best of luck with your improvisation, and stay tuned for more videos.

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