Lesson Policies


All successful lesson programs are built around healthy and open lines of communication between all parties involved: lesson teachers, band directors, students, and parents. Please understand that lesson teachers work on several different campuses throughout the week and are balancing scheduling needs of many students and schools. It’s important to communicate whenever lessons need to be missed. A missed lesson without communication (no-show) will be charged as a normal lesson.


Monthly invoices will be emailed after the last lesson of each month. Please pay within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice to avoid a $5 late payment fee. Repeated late payments without communication may result in lessons being suspended or discontinued.

Student Assignments and Progress

All of my lesson students have a folder on my google drive, and you’ll receive the link to your folder after the first lesson. This folder will include any sheet music we use in lessons as well as an assignment log to keep track of weekly assignments. Please bookmark the link to your folder (and have students bookmark on their devices).

I also communicate regularly with band directors to make sure each student’s progress and goals are aligned between lessons and band. We always grow faster when we’re on the same page. Please reach out at any time if you have questions about your child’s progress and goals in lessons or band class.


I always feel lucky to work in communities that foster strong and healthy relationships between lesson teachers, band directors, students, and their families. These relationships are the backbone of a successful and fulfilling lesson program. I’m grateful for your support of your child’s music education!