Oskar Bohme: Composer Profile

One of this year’s All-State etudes in Texas was composed by Oskar Bohme, a great trumpet player and composer during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Knowing a little about his life and listening to his other trumpet compositions can give us insight to better perform this etude.

Bohme was born and educated in Germany, though most of his professional career was in Russia. He composes in the Romantic style, which is rare for trumpet music (most of our repertoire is from either before or after the Romantic Era in the timeline of music history).

His best-known compositions are his Brass Sextet and Trumpet Concerto (video below). This music expresses a wide range of musical emotion: from sad and angst-filled minor-key melodies to beautifully gentle major-key melodies. I’d encourage us all to approach the All-State etude with similar emotional range.

2018 Longhorn Music Camp packet

Last month I had the pleasure of working at the 2018 Longhorn Music Camp (University of Texas at Austin) as the trumpet masterclass teacher for the middle school camp. The students who attended the camp were from various parts of Texas and several other states!

The packet that I handed out to all trumpet students at the camp is linked below. It includes an outline of most of the topics we covered during our five days of masterclasses, as well as some examples of trumpet exercises for the students to practice on their own when they returned home.

If you are a student or a teacher, feel free to use this packet in your own practice and/or teaching. All I ask is that you use the contact form to send me an email to let me know what you found to be the most helpful (or not helpful!) about the packet.

LMC trumpet masterclass packet